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Patient dashboard

Patient dashboard

iSmart Electronic Health Records (EHR) system includes a tool for quick access to patient information. The tool is a patient dashboard that can optimize a provider’s workflow. 

Patient dashboard gives providers opportunity to view relevant patient information in one screen before, during or after the visit. For example, providers in a moment can view patient’s active diagnoses, allergies and medications before the visit. It’s also important the patient dashboard is accessible from charting page providers usually work with while a patient examination.

Users having access to the dashboard are allowed to view patient information entered by all providers within one practice.

The content represented on the patient dashboard is divided onto blocks, so users can see demographics, last 10 session notes and appointments compactly combined together. And the major part of the dashboard is to display a patient health information. Several medical sections such as Problems, Allergies, Procedures and Vital Signs contain active, full and history details what might be helpful to trace a patient care progress.

Overall, the following data can be viewed on the dashboard page:

Problems, Procedures, Medications, Allergies, Vital signs, External documents, Immunizations, Lab orders and results, Radiology orders and results, Plan, Functional and cognitive statuses, Family health history, Implantable devices, Care team members, Patient amendments.

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