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Chart record

Chart Record

Traditionally, a medical chart record identifies the patient and contains information regarding the case history at a particular provider. Further, the information varies with the individual medical history of the patient.  Often all records were written on paper and maintained in folders, divided into sections for each type of note.

It is complicated to search documentation, by wasting a lot of time and also it takes up a space in the doctor's office.  Also, the biggest disadvantage of storage of the medical documentation at office is that access to this documentation is not completely safe.

Now, the advent of electronic health records allows to desire a simplified patient tracking, use an individual style chart records, where records kept on each patient by name and can be easily found by medical system research.

The chart record in Ismart EHR is a special table, designed for easy and accurate patient management and represents save information storage. The information contained in the chart records allows health care providers to determine the patients’ medical history and provide informed care. You will never have to worry about safeness of chart records, because the system of Ismart EHR is not only convenient and user-friendly but requires all security rules. 

Within the electronic health records, there may be several forms of the patient chart records, detailing the entirety or prior health care. Routine visits by a provider familiar to the patient, however may take a shorter form such as SOAP method of documentation for each visit. Each encounter will generally contain aspects below:

Visit information
Chief complaint
History of present illness
Physical examination
Orders and results
Assessment and plan

Ismart EHR is ready to offer you chart records for different specialties and directions in any format according to your documentation and desire. Now we have chart records for such specialties as:

Physical therapy
Occupational Therapist
Internal Medicine (Primary care)
Behavioral Health


Every day Ismart EHR professionals team trying to make their best and keep tracking for all the innovations in the health care system to make doctors work easy and beneficial. It is that you will no longer face routine paper work. The reduction of paper work will enable you to spend more time focusing on patient’s health and increasing your reimbursement.

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