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Claims’ payment info transparency

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To keep control of the situation the claims need to be monitored regularly and on time. And of course, you have a tool for this – WCH PMBOS client version. But what if you are away from your working computer/laptop? How to see what is going on with your claims?

There is an elegant solution – web-based monitoring tool. It simplifies the process greatly! WCH works hard to make the process easier for you and keep transparency for each and every claim you need to track.

All your claims are available there, you can check status of them and see the details. There are several sorting options to filter claims you need to see. All remittances are available with details as well, all is clear and nothing inessential. Check the full remittance or open the payment info for the specific claim you are interested in. Also you can print the EOB and save on your device to get back to it, when needed.

NEWS! Web tool has the same functionality as the on-premise software. Including new reports and filters. Therefore, our customers as well as new clients may now request WCH to try the web-based tool.
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And all of it you can do on any device and any place. All you need is stable internet access. No need to wait for software data base regular updating. Payment info updates every 24 hours.

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