Health Guard ID Applications

Specifically designed for medical professionals Health Guard ID project aims to minimize medical errors by improving patient’s identification process, increasing speed of health record access, allowing to share health records between providers safely and fast!

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Health Guard ID application fits for the listed below subdivisions and spotlights on the importance of Medical IDs.

Population with Alzheimer’s and other disabilities

Windows decals, wristband, medical ID cards, wearable jewelry for disabled people (Alzheimer's, diabetes, etc). Helps to identify person in distress by providing personal identification information to anybody with QR application and personal health information to authorized personnel with our proprietary encoded application.

Emergency First Responders

With utilizing QR technology in medical ID cards, incorporating HealthGuard QR into driver license, military name tags - encoded info will help to properly identify insured person and provide vital health info to first responders right at the scene of the accident. Our proprietary QR decoder will provide emergency personnel with information on blood type, diabetes type, list of allergies and more critical health info. We are confident that having this info timely – will save lives in many emergency situations!

Hospitals, Assisted living, Nursing homes
  • Facilitate Health Guard ID app in medical facilities to:
  • Expedite access to patient’s data by scanning QR instead of manually entering data;
  • Minimize of misidentification a patient – save yourself a lawsuit;
  • Be prepared for emergencies. Evacuate patients with peace in mind that their records will be accessible even if charts will stay behind;
  • Share data safely with other providers by using QR as a second level authorization.
Shared HIPAA Database

By being our participated provider, you will have access to shared database via secure channels of communication and in accordance to patient’s HIPAA information release authorization.

HIPAA code encoded in HGID QR will allow to grant access to specific patient only, and only if this request is granted.

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