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Frequently Asked Questions-Forms
Is there a trial version to experience iSmart EHR?
Yes, you can try a DEMO version of iSmart EHR with 30 days period. Follow the link and click ‘Free Demo’ button. Complete required fields and click ‘Submit’ button.
Can I change template within the Chart Record. If yes, then how to?
Yes, you can change template inside of the chart record using Visit Information entity. By clicking Edit button, you will see Template list. That option shows the list of all templates for that user.
Where can I attach documents?
You can attach documents in the dashboard, in the External Documents block. Within the block click blue button View full list and find Add New button. You will see a new pop-up Add External Document. Fill in the required fields and choose file to attach. Upload ii and save. You can perform the same action in a chart record by using External documents entity.
Where can I see all medications of a patient?
You can see all the medications entered for a patient in the patient’s dashboard in the ‘Medications’ block. Within the block click on the blue button called View Full List and you will see both active and inactive medications.
Which laboratories work with iSmart?
iSmart integrated with BioReference and LabCorp Laboratories. We can send them our lab orders and receive their Lab results.
Can I print medical records from iSmart?
Yes, you can print the medical record for a certain visit date. In order to do it, you should go to the List of chart records and choose the date you would like to have medical records for. After that, you will click on the green button called View summary and see the clinical summary in the different window. Now you can see the Print option on the right top corner. You may also print medical record within a patient’s Chart Record.
Can we use iSmart to submit all MIPS categories directly to CMS?
No, iSmart can automatically generate your results for Quality and ACI (Advanced Care Information) categories, but a provider has to undergo attestation on CMS website or transfer all her/his results to qualified registry or QCDR.
Can I report Medicaid Meaningful use Incentive program and MIPS the same year?
You can report both Medicare and Medicaid Incentive Program in 2017. iSmart has the opportunity for providers to report measures for Meaningful use and MIPS Incentive programs.
Can I report 3 Quality measures with data taken from iSmart and 3 via Claims?
No, you cannot do so. Each MIPS category must be reported via one reporting option (either claims, EHR, QCDR, qualified registry or CMS Web interface).
What is Task list in iSmart?
The Task list is the list of all procedures that were planned by a provider in advance for the future. The task list contains completed procedures as well as scheduled ones. Moreover, you can edit a procedure time or date from the task list. The most important procedures you can transfer to the Reminders list in order to have alert or notification on time.
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