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Lab & Imaging

Establishing and maintaining connection between electronic systems and laboratory or imaging centers is advantageous for hand in hand working parties – lab and imaging facilities and health care practices.

With the adoption of HL7 standard iSmart EHR has been integrated with several laboratories and this development has brought a quick and secure mechanism to electronically transmit lab orders and receive lab results for medical practices using iSmart EHR system.

Sending laboratory order is a simple process and it should be completed while patient examination. Usually, there is a set of predefined lab tests which can be find by name or appropriate code.


Each laboratory may have different requirements. For example, one laboratory needs capability to add patient’s diagnoses to the lab order; another lab facility wants ability to see patient’s medication associated with the order.

When a laboratory sends the lab result the system processes it and users of appropriate practice can see notification about new item. Customers of iSmart EHR receive real time lab results which are automatically routed into the lab results folder for review and further actions.

Send laboratory orders by one click directly from Chart record page;
Print laboratory orders;
Receive lab test results directly in iSmart EHR;
Print laboratory results;
Share lab test results with patients by mean of patient portal.

iSmart EHR can be connected to laboratories supporting electronic way of submission. To establish connection with a lab or imaging facility our customer will:

  1. Notify laboratory or imaging center their practice wants to send electronic orders;
  2. Provide us a contact person from the lab/imaging center;
  3. Receive feedback about possibility of the connection and timeframe.

So far, iSmart EHR has active integration with the following diagnostic centers:

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