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Advancing care information

Lately, you've heard a lot about MIPS. It seems that wherever you look, someone has a webinar in which all the secrets will be revealed to successfully report MIPS. But does anyone really tell you everything you do not already know.

Well, in this article I want show you quite more of one of the MIPS specific Category: The Advancing Care Information category. I hope this information will be not only useful, but not boring to explore. So I want you to make yourself comfortable during our adventure. 

MIPS Advancing Care Information (ACI) Category

Ok, first things first. CMS realized a program called Quality Payment Program. One of the key for the successful reporting is Merit Based Incentive Program (MIPS). And one of the categories of MIPS is Advancing Care Information which replaces the Meaningful Use program.

We begin that reporting can be done at the group, virtual group or individually. 25% of total MIPS score goes to Advancing care Information. The performance data period started at January 1, 2018 and continuous until December 31, 2018 and remember that your performance with MIPS in 2018 impacts your 2020 Medicare reimbursement. Everyone must start a 90-day reporting period no later than October 2, 2018.  Generally, you must submit your data not later than March 31, 2019.

If you have a vendor like Ismart EHR, who can help you to submit all of your measures for each MIPS category. This is our recommended way of reporting.

Avoid Conflicts between Your trusted Billing Company and Your New EHR vendor

Advancing Care Information Requirements

ACI Comprises of two key parts. The Base score and the performance Score.  The same time it’s important to report base measureŃ‹. Because if you do not achieve all base measures you will receive no points in this particular category. And unfortunately it doesn’t work out for this performance measure.

If you report all base measures, you will receive 50 points. Than you can start earning by reporting on the performance measures. So, your aim is to achieve at least 100 ACI points, so you can get the full 25 percent ACI score of MIPS total score. Also you are able to get bonus points.

Base score + Performance Score + bonus Score= Final score

You can follow the link to choose your base and performance measures to report.

 Finally, choose your reporting vendor carefully and understand how they will support you in all calculations of each category.


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