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How to do efficient Charting in iSmart EHR

Electronic Health Record system is a tool which has to improve health care provider’s work, for example, reduce paper medical records, keep vast quantity of medical data in one place. As any other system iSmart EHR has its own functionality, features and rules you may adhere to or not depending on what you are using the system for. We would like to share several recommendations how to make your work smart and effective with iSmart EHR.

1 Arrange meeting with a representative of WCH Service Bureau, Inc. to lead you through iSmart system or set-up a free demo account to try it on your own.
2 Before you get started provide iSmart EHR advisor paper templates of your notes and explain what would you like to see in your electronic templates.
3 Inform us if you are going to participate in Medicaid EHR Incentive Program or Quality Payment Program. Define categories you may report using iSmart EHR. This may help to understand how to optimize your electronic template.
4 If you participate in the aforementioned programs you should remember that a Chart record is a base for reporting. So, it’s not enough just to make a schedule for a patient. It would be helpful to add a Chart record for each patient’s visit.
5 Chart record is built according to templates. Usually it has a number of predefined sections which are significant if you need to report, for example, Quality or ACI categories of MIPS program. Make it a rule to complete Visit code section of each chart record. This will definitely prompt with reporting.
6 Pay attention to tips and MU/ACI section of Chart record.
7 If you are confused, you may always contact support team and receive thorough explanations of any issue related to iSmart EHR system.
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