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Be Smart, Use iSmart
iSmart EHR is a user friendly web-based system with an easy to learn interface


Manage time effectively. Easily book, update, reschedule or cancel appointments.
Chart Records
Get your paper template in an electronic view and start charting.
Electronic Prescribing
Electronically prescribe medications and get tips of all important interaction checks.
Health Information Exchange
Electronically transmit clinical data among different healthcare information systems.
Electronic Superbill
Replaces the bulky forms used for the old paper superbill with efficient, electronic, fast and easy tool.
Billing Monitor
Web-based monitoring tool to have Claims' payment info transparency.
Check patient's eligibility directly from iSmart EHR system.
MIPS dashboard
You live assistant to track how well you are managing MIPS performance categories.

iSmart EHR

2015 Edition Compliant Certified EHR
Tablet adaptive

iSmart EHR is a user friendly web-based system with an easy to learn interface. It is irreplaceable for mid-sized practices and solo practitioners. WCH developed and designed EHR the way that it is simple to navigate. The system is designed to represent accurate data which can be synchronized through different settings.

From making appointment with patients and using templates specifically created for each specialty to developing an individual treatment plan, iSmart EHR is multifunctional and useful for the entire practice staff.

Advantages of iSmart EHR use

If you were included in MIPS participation in 2017, then you had to submit MIPS data by March 31, 2018 to avoid negative adjustment payments in 2019. Let’s predict your Paid Medicare Part B services in 2017: approximately $89,000. Let's say, subsequent years the amount of service will be the same.
The possible profit and loss in 2019 could be:
Advantages of iSmart EHR use
The graph represents the possible positive and negative profit of next years upon $89,000 as a benchmark.
Advantages of iSmart EHR use
Check Eligibility
iSmart EHR
just got smarter


Package B
part time use
Have practice that needs services
beyond our Package A option?
Contact us to discuss a set of
features your practice needs.
Costs and limitations.
All approved licensed EHR users must be contracted and use WCH Billing Service.
* Chargeable service. However, full timelicense may include a fixed number of free eligibility requestes. Contact us fo details.

I have been using WCH services since 2002 and I have to admit that their program to increase collections yielded unexpectedly good results. They are highly efficient in billing and health insurance reimbursement which is always completed in a timely manner. The staff is extremely reliable and I am pleased to work with them.
I think WCH is very efficient. Bravo to you all and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends as well others.
WCHSB allows me to concentrate on what I know best: my patients! I was under enormous amount of pressure but WCHSB took away all of my stress, which was a relief! After 3 years with WCHSB, I remain a happy customer and a successful doctor!

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