About iSmart EHR

WCH iSmart is a complete certified EHR (Electronic Health Records) allowing health care providers and their staff to record all the aspects of clinical care in one system. Being a user friendly web-based system, iSmart EHR has an easy to learn interface. It is irreplaceable for mid-sized practices and solo practitioners. WCH developed and designed EHR the way that it is simple to navigate. The system is designed to represent accurate data which can be synchronized through different settings. Also, iSmart EHR allows both healthcare providers and insurance companies to collaborate online improving the work efficiency. From making appointment with patients and using templates specifically created for each specialty to developing an individual treatment plan, iSmart EHR is multifunctional and useful for the entire practice staff.

iSmart EHR will help your practice:
Improve patient care
Improve patient care
Become more efficient
Become more efficient
Receive government incentive payments
Receive government incentive payments
Improve communication
Improve communication
of office based doctors have started to use EHRs
of office based physicians have reported that they intended to participate in meaningful use incentives
of providers have admitted that their EHR allows them to deliver better care
of providers have claimed that their EHR produce clinical benefits for the practice.

Our Features

Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and visit information

Ability to enter and search all important patient information:

  • Medications.
  • Laboratory results.
  • Radiology results.
  • Immunization information.
  • Problems.
  • Procedures.
  • Allergies – medication and non-medication.
  • Vital Signs and Growth Charts.
  • Plan of Care – Goals and Instructions.
  • Functional and Cognitive Status.
  • External Documents – attach any scanned documents to visit.
  • Patient History - Chief complaint, History of present illness, Review of systems, family and Social history.


Office staff should verify coverage every time they see a patient to:
  • Make sure the insurance policy is active
  • Verify co-pay
  • Check deductible status
  • Confirm services are covered under a patient’s plan


  • Internal secure mail system - Doctor-Doctor and Doctor-Patient (Patient Panel) communications.
  • Direct Project Compliance Mail System. Exchange health information with a highest security level.

Encounter documentation

Timing is everything; enter clinical information by limited number of clicks, enabling the physician to construct a full record in minimal time. Have a complete record in a smart, fast and efficient way, from pre visit information to the care of plan, in just a few minutes:

  • Simple drop down and click templates to ease document creation;
  • Move from field to field fast and easy;
  • Flexible documentation tool.

Patient Chart

Access all relevant patient data from one place. All patient information is conveniently stored in the patient dashboard, to enable the physician to see the big picture with full patient medical history, previous visit information and insurance information. Don’t waste time on searching for vital signs and other information. Make smart decisions on the plan of care by having the details available to on the same screen.


e-Prescribing partnered with Dr.First e-Prescribing vendor, enables physicians to quickly write prescriptions with all important interaction checks, like Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy, Drug-Formulary checks and Controlled Substances monitoring.
All Features

iSmart EHR System Pricing

Package A
$245 Price per month

Full time Use

Practice management

Electronic Superbills

Patient Portal

Chart Records

Patient dashboard

MIPS support

SmartBill app

Billing online

***Insurance Eligibility

Package B
Customized User option

Part time Use

*Costs and limitations.
**All approved licensed EHR users must be contracted and use WCH Billing Service
*** Chargeable service. However, full time license may include a fixed number of free eligibility requests. Contact us for details.


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