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Merit- based Incentive Payment System

iSmart Development

July – August 2017
  1. Eligibility. Patient eligibility verification. A new feature lets providers connect to an insurer to verify patient eligibility instantaneously.
  2. MIPS dashboard. Pick your pace for 2017 performance period and track your progress based on data entered to iSmart EHR.
April – July 2017
  1. Update functionality for § 170.315(a)(1) CPOE – medications; § 170.315(a)(4) - Drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks for CPOE; § 170.315(a)(7) – Medication list; § 170.315(a)(8) - Medication allergy list; § 170.315(a)(10) - Drug-formulary and preferred drug list checks; § 170.315(b)(1) – Transition of care; § 170.315(b)(2) - Clinical information reconciliation and incorporation; § 170.315(b)(3) Electronic prescribing; § 170.315(d)(1) - Authentication, access control, authorization; § 170.315(d)(5) Automatic access time-out, § 170.315(d)(6) - Emergency access; § 170.315(d)(7) End-user device encryption; § 170.315(d)(8) Integrity; § 170.315(e)(1) View, download, and transmit to 3rd party; § 170.315(g)(2) Automated measure calculation. § 170.315(h)(1) Direct Project.
    Release 06.03.2017
  2. Development functionality to meet requirements of § 170.315(f)(4) Transmission to cancer registries; § 170.315(f)(7) Transmission to public health agencies – health care surveys; § 170.315(g)(7) Application access – patient selection; § 170.315(g)(8) - Application access – data category request, § 170.315(g)(9) Application access – all data request.
    Release 06.03.2017
  3. Usability report preparation.
    Release 06.03.2017
4 April, 2017
  1. iSmart version release
March – April 2017
  1. Preparation for iSmart version release.
    Release 04.03.2017
  2. Video Tutorials. iSmart EHR channel was created in YouTube so that individuals interested in the product could watch several tutorials.
    Release 03/29/2017
  3. Capability to delete SuperBills. Development of this capability allows providers coordinate and correct errors made while e-superbill submission.
    Release 04.03.2017
  4. Demo version. Providers willing to see the product in-use may complete registration form to create demo account with 30 days trial period.
7 March, 2017
  1. The first certification date under MU Stage 3 rules.
January 2017 – March 2017
  1. New ‘Scheduling’, ‘Add/Edit Patient’, ‘Patient Dashboard’ forms.
  2. Product adaptation to use on tablets.
  3. Update functionality for § 170.315(a)(5) Demographics, § 170.315(a)(9) Clinical decision support, § 170.315(a)(12) Family health history, § 170.315(d)(2) Auditable events and tamper-resistance, § 170.315(d)(3) Audit report(s), § 170.315(d)(4) Amendments, § 170.315(d)(8) Integrity, § 170.315(d)(9) Trusted connection, § 170.315(e)(1) View, download, and transmit to 3rd party.
  4. Start development of § 170.315(g)(7) Application access – patient selection, § 170.315(g)(8) Application access – data category request, § 170.315(g)(9) Application access – all data request.
  5. Usability testing of the new product version.
December 2016 – January 2017
  1. Research and update functionality for § 170.315(c)(1) CQMs – record and export, § 170.315(c)(2) CQMs – import and calculate, § 170.315(c)(3) CQMs – report.
  2. eCQMs version update for eReporting for the 2017 Reporting period.
September – November 2016
  1. Research and development works to update Direct secure mail.
  2. Update functionality for § 170.315(a)(6) Problem list, § 170.315(e)(2) Secure messaging, § 170.315(f)(1) Transmission to immunization registries, § 170.315(f)(2) Transmission to public health agencies – syndromic surveillance.
  3. Development functionality to meet requirements of § 170.315(b)(6) Date export, § 170.315(e)(3) Patient health information capture, § 170.315(f)(4) Transmission to cancer registries, § 170.315(f)(7) Transmission to public health agencies – health care surveys.
  4. New capability – coordination center.
July – August 2016
  1. Development functionality to meet requirements of § 170.315(a)(14) - Implantable device list.
  2. Update functionality for § 170.315(a)(2) CPOE – laboratory and § 170.315(a)(3) CPOE – diagnostic imaging.
July 2016.
  1. eCQMs version update for eReporting for the 2016 Reporting Period
  2. Demo EHR development.
  3. New and modified reports to rapidly get information per patient.
April 2016.
  1. 'Lenco' diagnostic laboratory interface integration.
    Release in May
March 2016.
  1. 'BioReference' laboratory interface integration.
    Release 04.01.2016
  2. Ability to request appointments from patient panel.
    Release 04.01.2016
January - February 2016.
  1. New ability to add Attending/Referring/Ordering provider on the Superbill page.
    Release 03.04.2016
  2. New feature - ability to add required fields when a template creation.
    Release 03.04.2016
  3. New controls - 'Date' and 'Period' controls have been implemented.
    Release 03.04.2016
  4. New feature in Chart Record - Ability to create description templates for procedures and use them aftermath.
    Release 03.04.2016
  5. Summary - Access Next/Previous records without leaving the summary page. Ability to print summary.
    Release 03.04.2016
  6. Easy way to attach existing laboratory results to the Chart record.
    Release 03.04.2016
  7. Ability to add explanatory information when template creation. Thus, the information can be read within chart records based on corresponding template.
    Release 03.04.2016
  8. It's become available to input date for 'Attending physician last seen date' on SUPERBILL page.
    Release 03.04.2016
  9. Ability to customize and create various alerts about patients.
    Development of this possibility is planned to start in February.
September-December 2015.
  1. Flexible customization of template and Chart Record redesign and optimization
    Release 12.15.2015
  2. iSmart EHR user manuals.
    Release 11.18.2015
June-August 2015.
  1. Empire City Laboratories results interface integration.
    Release 08.25.2015
  2. The ability to print multiple summaries for doctor and patient.
    Release 08.06.2015
  3. NQS domains have been added at CQM page.
    Release 08.06.2015
  4. The ability to save list of CQM measures for doctors.
    Release 08.06.2015
  5. Ability to add new patient from appointment screen.
    Release 06.12.2015
  6. Ability to select all values for item during filling chart record.
    Release 06.12.2015
  7. Ability to copy values from one item to another in templates setup.
    Release 06.12.2015
  8. New ability to add appointment by clicking on necessary time-cell.
    Release 06.12.2015
  9. New feature in Chart record - Ability to create short text templates, which can be used while completing a chart record.
    Release 06.04.2015
  10. User roles update - ability to permit or deny access to edit any part of Chart record.
    Release 06.04.2015
  11. Icons of Superbill and Copayment will indicate if Superbill and copayment have been created for the appointment.
    Release 06.04.2015
  12. Ability to open Chart records of various patients in different tabs simultaneously
    Release 07.03.2015
  13. Ability to create table in templates. - Development of this possibility has been started and the feature planned to be released at the middle of July.
    Release 07.21.2015
  14. Features in Dx/Problems list - Abilities to search diagnosis by abbreviation and set chronic or acute status of the diagnosis. Development of this feature is planned to start at the middle of June.
    Release 07.21.2015
  15. Record reconciliation with a patient for medications. - Implementation of this feature is planned to start at the middle of July.
    Release 07.21.2015
  16. Ability to add new Rx without Chart Record
    Release 07.21.2015
  17. Meaningful use required criteria hints
    Release 07.21.2015
  18. Changes in Lab Orders according to LabCorp specifications for ability to send ICD-10 diagnosis codes in orders.
    Release 07.29.2015
  19. Ability to print SuperBill as a part of Clinical summary.
    Release 07.29.2015
March-May 2015.
  1. Ability to enter free text for diagnosis in Family history.
    Release 05.29.2015
  2. Onset age for diagnosis will not be required to enter in Family history in Chart record.
    Release 05.29.2015
  3. Doctors name, Address and ZIP code will not be required to enter for Referral in Chart record.
    Release 05.29.2015
  4. Pain scale and Oxygen saturation will be added to Vital Signs in Chart record.
    Release 05.29.2015
  5. Ability to add patient photo.
    Release 05.21.2015
  6. Feature in appointments - after appointment has been added, it'll be selected automatically.
    Release 05.21.2015
  7. Optimization of searching of procedures, laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, functional statuses and etc.
    Release 05.15.2015
  8. Ability to move from one record to another - while viewing Summary of any visit you can to move to Previous or Next records.
    Release 05.21.2015
  9. Ability to enter free text in Plan of care in Chart record.
    Release 05.21.2015
  10. New PQRS measures development - We have implemented 40 PQRS measures, that can be reported in 2015 year.
    Release 05.21.2015
    Show developed PQRS measures
  11. Patient dashboard - ability to view full patients information on one screen.
    Release 05.06.2015.
  12. Feature in Chart record - ability to hide/unhide groups of values while completing of Chart record.
    Release 05.06.2015.
  13. Ability to delete Chart record entered by mistake - Users are going to be provided with ability to delete chart records and all their content entered by mistake.
    Release 03.30.2015
  14. Ability to change template in Chart record - User will be able to change previously selected template in Chart record.
    Release 03.30.2015
  15. New Summary for chart record.
    Release 03.30.2015
January-February 2015.
  1. Linking patients between doctors and locations - Ability to map patient to any doctor and location.
    Release 01.22.2015
  2. View current medications, allergies, problems and immunizations while filling chart record.
    Release 02.04.2015
  3. Alert before session expired - You will receive alert before your session will expire.
    Release 02.04.2015
  4. Time in and Time out in Chart record - Ability to enter start time and end time of the patient visit.
    Release 02.04.2015
  5. Working on LabCorp interface integration. - Ability to map patient to any doctor and location.
    Release 02.25.2015
September/October 2014.
  1. Electronic Superbill - Send your billing information to WCH directly from iSmart EHR.
    Release 9/15/2014.
  2. New features in chart record templates.
    Release 9/23/2014.
    • New possibilities to group information.
    • Multiple values enter for single property.
    • Design improvements.
  3. Chart record signing and locking - Sign your records and track information about any modifications of it.
    Release 10/15/2014.
  4. Mobile solution research - Sometimes our clients ask about mobile/iPad version of iSmart EHR, right now iSmart EHR is compatible with tablets like iPad, but we are going to create version especially adopted for mobile devices.